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Expe is an experiment generator for PC computers: it allows to run cognitive psychology experiments that involve the presentation of audio or visual stimuli and the collection of on-line or off-line behavioral responses (e.g. discrimination tasks, auditory target detection tasks, lexical decision and picture naming experiments...). Its flexibility makes it also a very useful tool for the rapid design of protocols for testing neuropsychological patients.

Expe provides a powerful scripting language which allows the user to specify with human readable commands, all the components of an experiment (materials, stimulus presentation, training, instructions, etc...). Subjects' responses are saved in readable ASCII files, in a user-specified format.

Expe is an open system: the commands of the language are calls to functions written in independent Borland Pascal units. The power user can thus easily add new commands to the language by linking their own pascal procedures to meet any special need. This makes it possible, for example, to adapt Expe to new hardware, such as new sound, video boards, ERP collecting device, etc.

EXPE is a venerable DOS program written in the years 1990-1995. As DOS is no longer available and they are now lots of psychology experiment generators, I do not recommend Expe to new users. However, for previous users and the curious, I have setup a cdrom that allows to boot DOS and run Expe 6. Beware, this file must be burnt on a CD not as a file but as an image.

Important infos
  • NEWS:
    1. Expe, a DOS program, is mostly obsolete nowadays although it is still in use in some labs. I have setup bootable cdrom image for current users and for those wishing to try it.
    2. The latest stable version of Expe is version 6
    3. Version 7 is largely unstable due to bugs in the 32-bit BPC compiler.
    4. Version 5.1 is still available for download .
    5. Encountering a "Runtime error 200" on fast PCs? This is a problem with Borland Pascal, not Expe source code! The latest versions of Expe have been recompiled with a corrected Borland Pascal compiler. Check out http://www.brain.uni-freiburg.de/~klaus/pascal/runerr200/ for more informations.


Latest update: 15 Feb. 2006 - Christophe Pallier