Course 00: Software Installation

Wednesday September 2 2015


Each student should end up with a bundle of softwares which are needed in the mandatory courses of the Cogmaster.

You migh skip the Atom install if and only if you are already used to an advanced text editor as wim, emacs, sublimetext. Microsoft Office Word, LibreOffice and other document formatting softwares are not text editors.

Important notes

The only slot in the schedule dedicated to installation of softwares is on Wednesday 2 September from 9:00 to 12:00. We will not answer installation questions during the following AIP lectures. We will not try to solve your problems if you were not attending on Wednesday morning. If you don’t have a computer yet, tell us after the AIP presentation on Monday 31 August.

Backup your computer on monday evening.

Installation procedures are currently being tested on Windows (7 64bits), MacOS (10.9 Maverick), and debian-based linux. We have have few years of experience with installations on various Operating System versions, but there is always some computers on which the usual procedures and fixes fail. We will try our best, if it happens to you, please be patient.

Some installations will require an internet access, thus don’t forget to bring your login and password for the ENS wifi on wednesday morning.

Installation procedures will be put online on Tuesday. Links will be provided to download the installation files from the internet. Try much as possible to download the software installers on your computer Tuesday evening: it will save us some time on Wednesday morning because the network at the ENS is usually slow and we will have only few USB sticks with the software installers.

If you are using a debian-based Linux such as Ubuntu, most of the installations will be made with apt, it is way safer to try the installation at your home if you have a decent internet connection than Wednesday at the ENS.

Select the installation instructions for your operating system:
Mac OS

Follow carefully the instructions step by step, not skipping any. If something does not work as expected, stop there and ask for our help. It is much easier to prevent a misinstallation than to repare it.

Once the installation on your computer completed, you can browse the documents in the ressource folder



  1. Download ScratchInstaller1.4.exe from by using the right click on the link and the option Save target as, and select an appropriate directory, for example the default Downloads folder.
  2. then install as usual:
  1. test Scratch

Text Editor

  1. If you are using “Window 7” or “Windows 8”
  1. If you are using and older version of Windows download and install the Windows installer of SublimeText from [].

R and Rstudio

  1. Installation
  1. Verification


  1. Set up an account on
  1. Download the application
  1. Installation
  1. configuration: you should see a window that says “Welcome”
  1. In case your Windows version is earlier than “Windows 7” (i.e. “XP”, “Vista”,…), get the installer from [], then ask for help during the installation party.


  1. if you have trouble with the anaconda installation that we told you we cannot solve, here is a link to the Christophe Gohlke 64bits modules []

  1. Installation of the Anaconda distribution
  1. Test
  1. Configuration
  1. Test

Mac OS

Warming up

  1. Know you system version, so you can chose which file to download
10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 10.10
Jaguar Panther Tiger Leopard Snow Leopard Lion Mountain Lion Mavericks Yosemite
2002 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014
  1. Some configuration

Command Line Tools


  1. Download XQuartz-2.7.7.dmg from []

  2. Installation


  1. Set up an account on
  1. Download the application
  1. Installation
  1. configuration: you should see a window that says “Let’s take a minute to setup your computer”
  1. For old Mac OS versions, go to []

### Atom

  1. Download the Atom installer by clicking on the big red Download For Mac button on []

  2. Install as usual

  3. Enjoy!


  1. Download MacScratch1.4.dmg from
  2. then install as usual:
  1. test Scratch


  1. Installation
  1. Verification


  1. Preparation
  1. Download Anaconda
  1. Install the Anaconda python distribution
  1. Configuration
  1. Test
  1. Warning Now the Mac python install procedure starts to be tricky, if you don’t feel confident with typing commands in a terminal, of if you’d like to sleep, stop rigth now, we will carry on tomorrow morning.
    Otherwise, stay up for some more fun with the terminal!

  2. Install “Homebrew
  1. Install pygame dependencies
  1. Install “conda”
  1. Finally install pygame
  1. Check the installation

Linux debian based


You must be connected to the Internet!

Execute the following commands: 1. Download and install

sudo apt-get install python2.7
sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-matplotlib python-pandas
sudo apt-get install ipython ipython-notebook

sudo apt-get install python2.7-doc python2.7-examples
sudo apt-get install python-numpy-doc python-matplotlib-doc
sudo apt-get install ipython-doc
sudo apt-get install python-pygame
  1. Check the installation
    import numpy as np
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    from scipy import stats
  1. If you want a look a the documentation you installed, use your favorite browser

iceweasel /usr/share/doc/python2.7-doc/html/index.html


iceweasel /usr/share/doc/python-pygame/index.hml


  1. Download et installation
sudo apt-get install git-core
  1. Configuration, by typing in a terminal with the appropriate replacements
git config --global "your_user_name"
git config --global


  1. Installation: in a terminal, type
sudo apt-get install scratch
  1. Test : in the terminal of a graphic console, type

You should see a new window, where you should be able to grab and move the little mascot.


Instructions to install R are available here:

  1. Setup
   lsb_release -da

You should see an output like this one:

    Distributor ID: Debian
    Description :   Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 (wheezy)
    Release:        7.8
    Codename:       wheezy
sudo sh -c 'echo deb wheezy-cran3/ >> /etc/apt/sources.list'

For Ubuntu, you migh have to leave out the -cran3 after the version codename

    sudo sh -c 'echo deb vivid/ >> /etc/apt/sources.list'
sudo apt-get update
  1. Installation
sudo apt-get install r-base r-base-core r-base-html
    sudo apt-get install libjpeg62
    sudo dpkg -i rstudio-X.XX.XXX-amd64.deb
  1. Verification


sudo apt-get install atom

But if you are using linux, you might already be using a decent text editor and thus won’t need Atom.