Introduction to Programming (AIP2015)



(see below for more details about the contents of this series of lectures)

Lecture materials:

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This course is intended for beginners, but students who already have rudiments in programming (e.g. only know Matlab) can benefit from it. Also, note that knowledge of Python and of the skills listed below is a requirement for the other hands-on classes (Ateliers) of the Cogmaster.

Before attending AIP, it can help: - to study the learning modules on ‘Python’ and ‘the command line’ at ([] - have a peek at the documents in the ‘resources’ folder, in particular How to think like a computer scientist.

During of after AIP, you may be interested in MIT’s Introduction to computer science and programming online course.

Another excellent resource to go beyond this lecture is

More precisely, at the end of this series of lectures, you should have acquired:

Basic programming concepts

For example, you should be able to write Python scripts to:

Practical skills

You should know how to:

Computer’s architecture

To program computers, it is necessary to have a rough idea of how they work.

Methodology of programming


Our Coding standards: