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Introduction to Programming (AIP2016)

For the academic year 2016-17, the lecture is split into two series: info1 and info2

If you are already programming fluently in some languages other than Python, we will happily recommend some books to learn Python and give you some programming challenges


These courses are mostly intended for beginners but students who already have rudiments in programming (e.g. only know Matlab) can benefit from them. Also, note that knowledge of Python and of the skills listed below is a requirement for the other hands-on classes of the Cogmaster (Atelier d’experimentation, de simulation, …) .

The aim of these lectures is to help you:

At the end of this series of lectures, you should:

Know a little bit about computers’ architecture

Know the basic programming concepts:

Have acquired some practical skills:


Lecture materials:

The files of the lectures are available on the web site

In particular, check the books folder and the list of all html and pdf documents.

You can keep a local copy of all the lectures using git with the repository at, following these instructions. (NOT YET UPDATED FOR 2016!!! WAIT)

External Resources

For beginners:

For intermediate students:

For advanced students: