You will find here miscellaneous documents that I wrote for colleagues, students or myself.

Statistical data analysis

  • Short intro to analysis of variance with R (pdf)
  • Anova and the general linear model or performing t-tests with matrix algebra (pdf)
  • Computing discriminability (A' and d') and bias (beta and B'') with the R software (pdf)
  • Home page of the lecture "Introduction to statistical data analysis with R" (site)

Creation of psychology experiments

  • Atelier d'experimentation humaine ( site)
  • Constructing a phoneme restauration experiment with Praat and Python (site)
  • Performing digital recordings with the PMD670 (link)

Linux, Emacs, Latex,...

  • A bag of tricks for Linux (link)
  • Creating CDs containing 10 hours of music (link)
  • Time measurement under Linux (link)
  • Building tar.gz and rpm packages ``a la GNU'' (pdf)
  • First steps with Emacs (pdf)
  • Using LaTeX and BiBTeX under Emacs (link)