This is "Shuffle", a program to generate random or pseudorandom permutations.

Shuffle reads lines and outputs them (or a subset of them) in a random order, possibly with constraints on successive lines. If no contraint is specified, all permutations are equiprobable. Otherwise, constraints can be specified as maximum number of repetitions of labels in one or several columns of the output, or on the minimum distance between successive repetitions.

INSTALLATION ============ Shuffle requires Perl to be installed on your system (cf The graphical, interactive version also requires the Tk module for Perl. To install, just copy in a directory which is in the path (e.g. /usr/local/bin). You may have to modify the first line of each script to reflect to actual location of perl on your system. For more detailed info, read the paper "shuffle.pdf" A paper describing the algorithm.

The zipped package.

Note: If shuffle closes immediatly upon start, search your disk for the file "", open it with a text editor like notepad and go to line 68.

Change the line:
$Bot1->Label(-text =>'Seed=')->pack(side => 'right');
so that the line becomes:
$Bot1->Label(-text =>'Seed=')->pack(-side => 'right');
(that is, Just add an hyphen '-' in front of "side")